Thursday, January 31, 2013

Films # 9-11

In the past few days I have watched three movies and one television series. As I have watched so many I've decided to make the movies at least into one big post, using caps done buy yours truly.

It began with "Lulu in Berlin" a documentary on Louise Brooks, the legendary silent film star. Or more specifically her experience making films in Europe. It was very visually stunning. For its opening scene it has the most beautiful death scene I have ever seen (from the 1929 French film, "Prix de Beaute" or Prize of Beauty for the non French speakers). Louise, resplendent in finery, is watching herself sing onscreen in the dark theatre with a gentlemen friend. Then she is shot. She falls back and eventually dies as the film continues to play. I don't know exactly why I loved it so. Or for that matter, why I chose to watch a 40+ minute long documentary on an actress I've never seen in anything before, but I'm glad I did.

"The Ladies of the Chorus" made in 1948 is a fairly obscure film best known for having Marilyn Monroe in her first? starring role. It was enjoyable I guess, but filled with cliche. And the woman who played Marilyn's mother was much too young.

Last but not least I watched "The Big Sleep," a confusing favorite of mine. It stars one of my favorite old Hollywood couples/screen partners, Bacall and Bogie. But my true favorite character is the wise cracking lady who works at this bookstore Marlowe (Bogie) goes to. Ah I love film noir.

And now it is stills time!

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