Saturday, January 12, 2013

Film # 7: Beginners

A new one. I know. It's been too long.

"Beginners" is about both the death of a son's gay father and his new relationship with his French girlfriend. (The son is played by Ewan McGregor. The father is Christopher Plummer and the girlfriend is Melanie Laurent.) It jumps back and forth through time in between the son's, Oliver's, childhood, his father's illness and younger boyfriend, and how Anna (Laurent) and Oliver met (at a Halloween party, he was dressed as Freud, she had laryngitis) and their subsequent messy and confusing relationship. Throughout, the film has a wistful and sad feeling. However, it's expected with the death and whatnot.

The style of film making is much more experimental than my 30s romantic-comedy self is used to watching, but I liked it. Also it has pretty red dresses, roller skating, hotels, a beautiful soundtrack, and an intelligent Jack Russell terrier. What more could you need?

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