Friday, January 25, 2013

Film #8: Easy Living

Today in my history class we watched "Easy Living." Which makes it one of the best two hour class periods I've ever had. Oh how I laughed.

"Easy Living," written by the great Sturges, follows the typical romantic-comedy plot line of mistaken identity. Jean Arthur's character has a sable coat fall on her, befriends the millionaire banker (named Mr. Ball) who threw the coat, and is mistaken for his mistress. She is fired from her job at the Boy's Constant Companion, stays for a dollar per night in the world's most luxe hotel suite, and eventually falls in love with Mr. Ball's wayward son (Ray Milland).

And it is glorious. It was one of the best screwball comedies I have ever seen. You should watch it.

And now I leave you with the French poster for "Easy Living."

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