Friday, August 29, 2014

Les Annees 50s at Musee Galliera

 I have been to a grand total of 5 museums on my trip to Essen, Paris, and London. My absolute favorite was Musee Galliera. "Why?" You may ask. Because it is a fashion museum. I have never been to one before and I have truly found my happy place. I love it more than flea markets, baguettes, and the rest of the other trappings of Paris. 

Les Annees 50s is an exhibit spanning the years 1947-1957, featuring clothing by French couturiers such as Christian Dior, Jacques Fath, Mme. Gres, Gabrielle Chanel, and more. It even had the iconic Dior bar suit from his a/h 1947 (New Look) collection. It also has accessories, magazine covers, and sewing patterns from that era. And... they are screening movies of that period too! It is the best and if you are in Paris in the next month or so (or live in Paris) you need to go see it! 

(Pictures via, because cameras are not allowed.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014


By the time you've started reading this I will leaving for Europe: going to a wedding in a castle, Paris, and London. Shopping at vintage and thrift stores everywhere I go. Living the dream basically. There will be loads of pictures when I get back on September first. I'm extremely nervous/excited.
On to clothing... I thrifted this Zara dress a couple of weeks ago. I'm completely in love with it. It's a hundred percent silk, the lightest I've ever worn. Not that it has stopped me from sweating in this horrendous heat wave we've been having. The clogs are Lotta from Stockholm. You'll be seeing a lot of them here. I own very few pairs of shoes.
Anyway, wish me luck! See you on the flip side and all that.

(Pictures by Amelia.) 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Inspiration: Poirot

  Many vintage lovers seem to obsess over the looks of Miss Lemon, Poirot's personal secretary. Personally, I prefer the clothing worn by minor female characters, and the ensembles pulled together by the divine Ariadne Oliver. Miss Oliver is an absentminded mystery writer guided by intuition and is to Poirot a more intelligent Watson (or Hastings, Poirot's usual Watson-like sidekick). 

  If you are not watching it already, a) Poirot has been running off and on for 25! years, where have you been? b ) it is based on the books of Agatha Christie, a.k.a one of the best writers ever. So start immediately. The last two episodes ever are on the PBS website and you can find the other seasons on DVD. If I can't convince you, I hope my crappy caps will. 

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous 30s/40s costuming. 

Ariadne Oliver (above and below) 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bound to pack it up

  These pictures were taken at the preschool by my house. The evening sun caused these photographs to be overexposed, but I kinda like it.
 I'm wearing a thrifted shirt and 90s skirt. My clogs are by Lotta from Stockholm.
 I originally bought Swedish Hasbeens and they were hideously uncomfortable. If you have wide or medium width feet I think Lottas are a much better bet. I'm sorry if this is a little dull, but when I was looking for clogs this would've been such useful info to know. I hope this post will help at least one person. 

Pictures by the lovely Amelia.