Thursday, November 27, 2014

Inspiration: The best fashion book ever?

  I must admit, I have always thought of fashion books as poorly laid out wastes of space. However today my aunt brought home an $100 book that changed my way of thinking. It is entitled "Madeline Vionnet" and is written by Betty Kirke. Vionnet was a fashion designer from the 1910s until the start of the Second World War. She is known for creating clothing that moved with the wearer and inventing (or popularizing) the bias cut. Her creations are geometric, drapey, feminine, and unfussy. In other words, they are timeless and positively perfect. I've spent two hours just looking at the illustrations and photographs. The book also includes information about Vionnet's techniques, inspirations, and personal life (which I will start reading soon). Did I mention it includes patterns to make some of her dresses? Insert heart eyes emoji here.