Monday, September 29, 2014

Beyond the keep

These pictures were taken a few days ago in Fremont(a neighborhood in Seattle). Our car broke down, so we decided to salvage the rest of our day and bus to the Fremont Sunday Market. It was the best time I've ever had at the market. I saw treasures like locally made silk blouses, hummus, 1910s lace, and perfect fitting vintage denim jackets (I may have to go back for that one next week). The weather was my favorite type, sunny but with crisp cold fall air. 

I'm wearing battered 1940s jeans I got from eBay, a silk scarf I found at an estate sale yesterday in Ballard, and a 1950s cashmere monogrammed cardigan from Atlas Clothing (that I found today). This is one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn because it is so comfortable. I can literally not stop wearing these jeans. I feel like a rebellious 1950s teenager in them. How did I go so long without trying vintage denim? 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Panic on the streets of London

 Sadly the post title is pretty accurate because we kept getting lost and took the wrong train at least once. This is just a collection of places we went to or passed on our 3 1/2 day stay. It was delightful and unexpected and made me want to live there.

My favorite places we went to in London were Leftovers vintage and Simply Fabrics (both in Brixton), and Konditor and Cook (the best bakery I've ever been to). Pub-wise I loved the Twin Towers pub (Gypsy Hill/Crystal Palace) because of its delightful Irish proprietress, delicious apple cider, and pub cats (!). Next time I will use her as a guide to the city instead of the guidebooks. She had so much more interesting suggestions. 

(My really crappy picture of Konditor and Cook. ^ Their lemon tart is a revelation.)

(Leftovers Vintage: a tiny paradise of well chosen 1900s-1960s clothing. Sadly nothing I tried on fit, although I did buy a 1930s leaf shaped belt buckle.)

Part 3 of the Europe trip series.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How many secrets can you keep?

 Me plus the pastel 1910s buildings of Essen equals a love affair for the ages. 

(I am wearing an Edwardian blouse, 1950s cardigan, and a thrifted Anthropologie skirt.)

Post 2 of the Europe trip series

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Schloss Lembeck.

  One of my uncles (one I am not very close to, who lives in Germany) got married in a castle. Well technically it's just a rather fancy manor house. Either way it was a gorgeous place with beautiful grounds and a moat. It was not nearly as glamorous and over the top as I thought a castle wedding would be. It was just in a room on the ground floor of the castle. We had to get in and out pretty quickly and got no real tour of the castle. The wedding party had champagne and orange juice on the grounds of the castle after the ceremony. That was easily the best part. 

I wore a 20s dress from a nearby estate sale a year ago, clogs from Lotta from Stockholm, and a rather ratty 50s sweater from the Goodwill that I've worn to death. And a star barrette from Giant Dwarf. I wore a 1920s teddy as a slip because I forgot to pack one. 

Installment 1 / infinity of the Europe 2014 posts.