Monday, February 3, 2014

She was just seventeen, you know what I mean

  The opening lyrics to the Beatles' tune "I Saw Her Standing There" are appropriate right now for many many reasons. I'm not very good at writing coherently without some form of organization, so without further ado...

A list of reasons as to why I named this post what I named it:
1) I have become obsessed with the sixties and sixties fashion (again). Blame Bob Dylan for that. Early '60s Dylan is one of my most beloved style icons and less than a month ago we rewatched the excellent Scorcese documentary on him. 

2) I am attempting to write a novel set in the early '60s (around the time thus song came out).

3) It is one of my favorite Beatles' songs ever.

4) I am turning eighteen this month, so soon that lyric will no longer apply to me. I always wanted to use it as a post title and this is my last chance.

5) Most importantly, I am wearing a late '60s I Magnin dress and so I wanted the post to have a sixties title. Now I will stop using the word "sixties" before you, my loyal readers start hurling heavy objects at me. 

And now I conclude with pictures of Amanda posing awkwardly, brought to you by the Super Bowl's half time show, and my pal Amelia O.Z., photographer extraordinaire.

I Magnin dress: Beats and Bohos
Beret: found 
Shoes: UO