Sunday, September 21, 2014

Panic on the streets of London

 Sadly the post title is pretty accurate because we kept getting lost and took the wrong train at least once. This is just a collection of places we went to or passed on our 3 1/2 day stay. It was delightful and unexpected and made me want to live there.

My favorite places we went to in London were Leftovers vintage and Simply Fabrics (both in Brixton), and Konditor and Cook (the best bakery I've ever been to). Pub-wise I loved the Twin Towers pub (Gypsy Hill/Crystal Palace) because of its delightful Irish proprietress, delicious apple cider, and pub cats (!). Next time I will use her as a guide to the city instead of the guidebooks. She had so much more interesting suggestions. 

(My really crappy picture of Konditor and Cook. ^ Their lemon tart is a revelation.)

(Leftovers Vintage: a tiny paradise of well chosen 1900s-1960s clothing. Sadly nothing I tried on fit, although I did buy a 1930s leaf shaped belt buckle.)

Part 3 of the Europe trip series.

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