Saturday, April 27, 2013

Inspiration: Wards S/S 1960

I have always been a black and white type of person. A few years back I took a black and white film photography class. I've always viewed it as more flattering, artistic and mysterious and beautiful than color. But recently I've felt differently. Maybe the thing that changed my mind was those beautiful color photos of Audrey Hepburn in Rome or those lush vintage covers of "Holiday" magazine. Or maybe it's just spring in the air. Either way I've been marathoning technicolor movies for the last few days and am growing a great deal fonder of them. A few I've watched: Tonight and Every Night, North by Northwest, How to Marry a Millionaire.
Anyway, keeping in the spirit of things here are some of the lovely outfits from a Montgomery Ward catalogue, found for me by my aunt and uncle, P and D.

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