Wednesday, June 12, 2013


  This past weekend my aunt, uncle, and I crossed the border for a vintage electronics sale. Our destination was Vancouver. We stayed at the Hotel Patricia, which was nice. It built sometime in the 1910s and its lobby was decored with antiques, like a switchboard and a pretty safe. The area around it was SO SEEDY. I saw someone take heroin on the streets as I was walking past and I saw prostitutes, etc. Also I believe I saw a man exchange candy bars for drugs. That part of my trip really was depressing. But then we found good food, cheap fabric stores, saw "Safety Last!," and everything was better. 

  Also I went to the "largest vintage store in Canada," according to one of its employees. I cannot remember its name, but it was on Robson Street, for those who wonder. It was very moderate in size, so that must say something about Canada's vintage scene. However I found a really nice flowery 50s/60s shirt dress there. I'll post photos of it later.

A few snapshots from my trip:






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