Saturday, March 2, 2013

Film #12: Swing High, Swing Low

"Swing High Sing Low" stars Fred MacMurray and Carole Lombard, two actors I always respected, but never truly understood their appeal until this film. I admit, it's obscure and definitely not for everyone. If you like a drama with some music, lots of bar fights, and a little comedy, you should like it though. MacMurray is secretly a stellar trumpet player and is best friends with a hypochondriac piano player. He hits on Carole Lombard on his last day of the army, while her boat is pulling into the Panama Harbor. On their first date they end up in jail for a bar fight. Eventually Carole and Fred wrangle jobs in the same bar. He gets a job playing at the El Greco in New York, while she stays behind. Will their marriage survive the distance, fame, jealous ex girlfriend, and rich ex-fiancé fate has in store for our protagonists?

The portion of story set in Panama is amusing, the music is wonderful throughout, and the ending is dramatic and suspenseful. What I most liked about it was how the film let our main characters marry early on because honestly when a movie ends in a ring it is seldom a satisfying ending.

(Featuring grainy screen caps by yours truly)

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