Monday, November 12, 2012

Film #3: Out of the Past

"Out of the Past" is a 1947 film noir by RKO starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer, two actors I have never seen in anything before. Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum), a P.I. who is in hiding in a small town, is found by a man working for an old client of his that he "failed." His mobster client (Kirk Douglas) needs his girlfriend and the $40,000 she absconded with located. When Bailey finds Kathie Moffat (the client's girl played by Jane Greer), instead of releasing her whereabouts to his client he falls in love with her, leading to a doomed romance and a murder by Kathie.
Now all this time later, Whit (Douglas) wants him to do another job for him, involving income tax evasion and Bailey has no choice because Kathie told Whit everything. Tragedy ensues.
Now comes everyone's least favorite part, reading my opinion. I found this one of the most confusing film noirs to understand and explain that I have ever seen. However all of the cast members turned out good performances and the movie held my attention the entire time. Also worth noting, it has forties clothing of varying degrees of beauty and in Kathie's last scene she wears an amusing hat that makes her look positively nun-like. 

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