Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blue sixties dress in the U-District

  Last weekend I took so many pictures on my point-and-shoot I have no idea where to begin. Clothing is always my favorite so I will start there. At the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall I bought a tiffany blue and cream sixties dress for ten dollars. I'm not sure how well it fits, but I still like it.

 While in the University District, Amelia photographed me in the dress and I photographed all of the old buildings. Looking back upon my photographs from the day I realize I went a little overboard! We visited Magus Books, which I have to say is the only used bookstore I can think of. Alas, they are a dying breed here in Seattle. I absolutely adore bookstores esp. Magus, which has tons of tiny cheap editions of my favorites and ivy covering the brick exterior. Then we went to the nearby Trader Joe's and bought far too much food. Just thinking of it makes me hungry.


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