Monday, May 30, 2016

A old favorite

As a vintage seller I constantly try to purge my wardrobe of things I no longer wear. Months ago, I shoved this 1940s rayon beauty into a bag with the intent to sell. I haven't worn it in a while and thought it deserved to be loved by someone who didn't think it old hat. However the moment I put it on again, I knew I would never part with it. It was the first 1940s dress I ever owned and has fit me like a dream ever since I received it as a birthday present at the age of 17 and twirled around my room singing "I feel like Ginger Rogers!"

Without further ado, one of the top five wackiest prints in my closet (and that's saying something), the lollypop tree dress! The print literally looks like blue + purple trees bearing spiral shaped lollypops.

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