Sunday, July 1, 2012

This weekend has nearly passed by

  This weekend, I went to two garage sales, a vintage car show in Greenwood, and Capitol Hill. The Red Light and Value Village (I have my eye on a vintage cape there) had abnormally good clothing in stock. I engaged in one of my favorite childhood past times: swinging (the other two are reading and inventing imaginary worlds). I mourned the loss of my trusty point and shoot. I made a pie. I watched both "Moonrise Kingdom" and "The Prince and the Showgirl." I walked too much and indulged in too much food. I also bought too much. With clothing costing only two or three dollars, how could I resist?
A few photographs (taken with my uncle's camera as mine is broken):

Part 1: Baking

Homemade strawberry rhubarb pie: a collaborative effort

Amelia my co-baker and best friend in a customary act of pre-baking silliness.

 Part two: Brief clothing post with new Madewell full skirt (from Value Village)

Goodnight all. (It's quite apparent that I'm sleepy isn't it?)

P.S. Expect a post on Moonrise Kingdom.

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  1. sounds like a great weekend! and i HAVE to see moonrise kingdom!!